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Molly Finnegan

What Carry Them means to me

I found out about Carry Them through one of my best friends who was a friend of Mandolyn (President of Carry Them). Mandolyn was home in the US on furlough and I wanted to meet her and see how I could get involved with supporting her ministry. She shared about the plethora of needs facing these babies and their families, plus the needs she had personally trying to run a ministry while in Nigeria while simultaneously trying to fund it in the US. She can’t be two places at once, and I knew that! I had compassion for Mandy and her situation and felt The Lord calling me to extend a hand. Since getting involved with this ministry in December of 2023, I have seen over 20 babies enter our care. Even more babies than that have graduated from the care of Carry Them! It is an honor to play a small role in supporting this ministry. Please consider coming alongside of me to support this ministry by setting up a recurring monthly donation designated to Client Support, or by gifting a financial contribution to the Clinic Expansion campaign! Right now, the ministry is about 23% of the way to meeting their goal to raise $175,000 for a new clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long do babies stay in care?

The average length of time a mother a baby receives support from Carry Them is about seven months.

Can I adopt a baby?

Carry Them does not offer or facilitate adoptions in any way. Carry Them’s mission is to support malnourished infants and their families with the goal of keeping families together and healthy.

can I visit carry them in nigeria?

Due to local travel laws and visa requirements, Carry Them is not about to visitors at this time, though that is a hope for the future. Subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay up-to-date on all that God is doing through Carry Them!

Can I mail supplies through USPS or Amazon?

Due to importation laws and high costs, as well as location challenges, Carry Them is unable to accept non-monetary donations directly at this time. When missionaries or teams from other countries come to Nigeria, sometimes they are able to deliver these types of goods to Carry Them. Subscribe to the Newsletter to stay in the know.

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